What is WASHOKU?

(wa = harmony)  食(shoku = food)

Washoku is an integrated approach to achieving nutritional balance and aesthetic harmony at table; both a culinary philosophy and a set of practical guidelines for preparing food. Although the origins of washoku are deeply rooted in Japanese culinary history and habits, anyone can prepare handsome, wholesome food by applying washoku principles to their own cooking. This on-line culinary classroom was created to encourage and enable all who wish to practice WASHOKUcooking.

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I also hope you will visit my companion site KANSHAcooking.com Kansha means appreciation, and one way of demonstrating it in the kitchen and at table is to avoid waste. Using food fully means re-thinking your kitchen habits, focusing special attention on what could -- and should -- be used... considering what might be saved, rather than discarded.

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Welcome to WASHOKUcooking

On the WASHOKUworkshop page you will find photo-illustrated sheets (in pdf format) you can download, print out, and take into your own kitchen. These sheets contain details regarding tools, techniques, ingredients, menu planning and presentation, that were beyond the scope of WASHOKU, the book. This site enables me to share that extra information with you.

Each time a new lesson is posted to the workshop page, the previous lesson will be archived. Those wanting access to previously posted material will need to register.

On the WASHOKUwisdom pages you will find a photo-illustrated discussion of some thematic elements of washoku. I include practical suggestions for applying these notions to your own cooking. The content of these pages will change several times a year. Each time a new "wisdom" page is posted, the previous one will be archived. Those wanting access to previously posted material will need to register.

I would love to cook with each of you in my kitchen, or yours. But, for now, this site will be our place to enjoy WASHOKUcooking together, in cyberspace. I invite everyone to try my lessons and exercises... and to practice washoku.

in appreciation (kansha shimasu),

Elizabeth Andoh

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