WASHOKU: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen (Ten Speed Press, 2005) provides a solid foundation to the principles and practice of washoku (balance and harmony) in the kitchen and at table. This workshop page enables me to guide you further.  

Fall Fruits & Flavored Miso Sauces

Western cuisines often pair cheese with fruit. In the Japanese kitchen a similar flavor profile – mellow-sweet tones enhanced by salty ones – can be achieved by napping fruit with flavored miso sauces. Fall fruits make an especially good match with miso. I like to pair plump rosy-fleshed figs with a lemony light-colored miso sauce while I find a ginger-infused, pungent red miso sauce beautifully complements crisp, juicy Asian pears.

Download the recipes for Fall Fruits with Flavored Miso and Flavored Miso Sauces and ENJOY!

Saikyo shiro miso
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When it comes to describing miso, "red" refers to dark, russet-colored, full-bodied, fermented bean pastes such as SENDAI MISO (right).

"White" miso refers to pale, slightly sweet, creamy-textured pastes such as SAIKYO SHIRO MISO (left).

Sendai miso