Lesson One 

Two quintessential Japanese dishes, rice and miso soup...

Rice Cooked with Edamame (recipe on page 142) Mame Gohan 

Dark Miso Soup with Sweet Potato (recipe on page 122) Satsuma Imo no Aka Dashi

Basic Sea Stock (recipe on page 92) Dashi

Click on the recipe titles above to download photo-illustrated documents that provide information not included in the book: details regarding ingredients, tools & techniques, menu planning and/or final presentation.

Rice with Edamame

Rice Cooked with Edamame

Dark Miso Soup with Sweet Potato

  Making Dark Miso Soup with Sweet Potato

I welcome your feedback -- especially captioned photos with a brief description of your kitchen sessions when you try making the recipes above. Those interested in offering feedback, please download a set of guidelines for submitting and displaying your work.To further teaching goals, I may post some of the feedback to this site, adding my commentary.

The Language of Food

Gohan + Omiyotsuke (Rice + Miso Soup)  御飯・御御御付け

Meshi + Miso Shiru (Rice + Miso Soup)  飯・みそ汁

The vocabulary used to label these categories of dishes reflects the style of dining. Because gohan and omiyotsuke use honorifics (the first calligraphy in each word; note it is repeated several times to write omiyotsuke) these words are likely to be used to describe rice and soup served in a more formal meal. The words meshi and miso shiru are descriptive of the food itself, but attach no special “honor” to them. These words are likely to be used to describe a more casual meal.


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