My cookbook, WASHOKU: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen (Ten Speed Press, 2005) provides a solid foundation to the principles and practice of washoku (balance and harmony) in the kitchen and at table. This workshop page enables me to guide you further.  ENJOY!  

Treasure (Chicken) Stuffed Mushrooms


Warmer weather beckons us to pack a picnic and eat outdoors. That means choosing foods that travel well and taste best when at room temperature hours after being made. The Japanese have perfected the art of preparing tasty tidbits that tuck neatly into all sorts of containers.

These meals-in-a-box are called obentō:

BEN (“to manage”)

(“for the time being”)

Something to stave off immediate hunger until you can have a proper meal.

You will find tamago yaki rolled omelets in many boxed meals. An illustrated recipe can be found with Lesson Eight.
And this lesson, SEVENTEEN, offers another obentō favorite, Hōrai-Zumé stuffed fresh shiitaké mushrooms.

BEN ("to manage")

(“for the time being”)

BAKO (box)

Elegant lacquered wood... Ordinary food-storage containers... Rustic woven reeds...

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