WASHOKU: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen (Ten Speed Press, 2005) provides a solid foundation to the principles and practice of washoku (balance and harmony) in the kitchen and at table. This workshop page enables me to guide you further.  
paired with meat, fish,  tōfu or other vegetables
makes a winning combination

Fresh sardines lined with shiso leaves and spread with plum paste are rolled. The rolls are secured with toothpicks and deep-fried like the pork rolls, to the right.
Thinly peeled daikon radish is salted to wilt then rinsed and patted dry. The peel is laid out flat and spread with plum paste. Stalks of radish sprouts and shreds of cucumber are placed on top of the plum paste. The daikon peel is rolled snugly and tied with mitsuba (trefoil).
Try your hand at making CRUNCHY SHISO, PLUM & PORK SWIRLS. Download the recipe.
© Leigh Beisch, photographer.
Food styling by Karen Shinto.
WASHOKU: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen
Chilled tōfu sprinkled with katsuo-bushi (fish flakes), shredded shiso and a dollop of bai niku (plum paste)